Eat Waffles out of a Bag! What’s Next?

The other day I was watching television, and was very disturbed when I saw a commercial for eating waffles out of a bag. It made me immediately think of the movie Wally. In the movie the people got so lazy that instead of walking, they had an automatic car drive them around. Their only form of communication with other people was a screen in the car. In order to keep moving and talking to the screen, they would eat every meal through a straw.

I understand that everyone has a busy life these days and may not have time to sit down for breakfast, but are we moving more towards the image in the Wally movie? It is starting with breakfast foods, and how long will it take before you can eat every food out of a bag, or make it into a shake? Even if you eat microwave dinners you typically still need to sit down with your box and use utensils.

As a society very few of us sit down and eat together as a family. If we do, it is probably not every day of the week. A lot of people sit in front of the television every night while eating, and never converse with the other people in their household. Other’s who do sit at a table or eats in a restaurant, are looking at their electronic devices. When will it end, and will we ever go back to sitting down as a family at a properly set table, and talk without electronics getting in the way? If we do, hopefully someone cooks a meal in the oven or on the stove, and it does not come out of a bag!