Be Mindful When you Make a Phone Call

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
A few weeks ago I was getting a beauty treatment done in a room with other ladies. It is typically a relaxing environment, and for the most part it is really quiet. Sometimes the person doing the treatment will talk to the customer, but otherwise it is so quiet and relaxing, that I usually fall asleep. This time there was a lady who got on her phone and discussed some kind of fundraiser that she must have been in charge of. Is this considered rude? I am not sure if it is an official breach of etiquette, but overall it was annoying.
Annoyed Spa Patron

Dear Annoyed Spa Patron,
I think using your phone in any public setting where other people can hear you is rude. This is especially true when you are in a spot that is meant to be for relaxation. A few weeks ago I was on the beach at a resort hotel, and a lady kept on getting on her phone, and everyone around her could hear the conversation. It was very annoying. Of course there are circumstances that you have to talk on the phone in a place that others will hear. In this situation try to find a corner of a room and talk with your back turned to everyone. No one wants to hear anyone’s phone conversation, and personally I am uncomfortable talking to someone on the phone if I know other people are listening. This lady was being self-centered and should have noticed the quiet atmosphere, and saved her phone call for later.