Appropriate Valentines Day Gift

Dear Mrs. McVeigh,
I am in a very new romance, and am feeling insecure on what to give him for Valentine’s Day. We have a date for dinner that night, and I want to give him the right thing. We have not said, “I love you” yet, so I want to make sure I don’t look overbearing in my gift(s). However, I really like him a lot, and feel like he is “the one.” I tend to go overboard in situations like this, and I do not want to feel like my gift is not on the same level as his gift. Or, what if he does not give me a gift at all? What do you think would be appropriate in this situation?
Overbearing Gift Giver

Dear Overbearing Gift Giver,
A great gift in a situation like this would be tickets or a day to something that you could do together. Consider if he is a sport’s fan, or loves the arts, or concerts. Show him that you have the same interests (or are attempting to learn about his interests), and would like to share these experiences with him. For example, if he loves hockey, and you have never watched a game in your life, buy some tickets and tell him you are willing to learn all you can from him. Is he a big golfer and you would embarrass yourself on a golf course? Treat him to an afternoon at Top Golf, and ask him to show you how to swing a few clubs. Even if you are a disaster at it, you can sit back with food and drinks and watch him swing to his heart’s content. He loves the opera? Tell him you will take him to dinner and then go with him to any opera of his choosing. Hopefully he will then take the time to share in the experiences that you love too.

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