Technology Manners

Since technology is moving at an extremely rapid pace, keeping up with
“technology etiquette” is challenging for a lot of people. Here are some basic rules to try to remember when you send emails and texts.
When you have a group email or text, if for some reason a person in the group does not need to be involved in the conversation any longer, take the time to start a new string of emails or texts without including this person. It can be annoying and a waste of time to the person who is no longer involved.
When compiling a large group email, unless the whole group needs to see who is included in the email, send the email to yourself and “bcc” the recipients. If someone looks at your email on his/her phone, he will have to scroll down a long way to get to the actual message. Also if the email that is sent is intended to be forwarded to others, make it easy as possible for the next person to read the message. This means delete names and anything else not needed from the original message.
“Reply All” is something that people have a lot of issues with. We all know of the horrors of someone replying and making a negative comment about someone on the email, thinking he just replied to the original sender and not the whole group. The other thing that is irritating is when you just need to give the original sender a yes or no answer or a simple response, and people send it to the whole group. Think about if everyone on the email needs to know your response. If not please be courteous by not clogging up the whole group’s email with responses or conversations that they do not need to be involved in.
Technology etiquette is very simple. Just think before you hit the send button.