Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Themes of the Week

This week Mrs. McVeigh's Manners themes of the week are Restaurant and Balanced and Polite Eating

Ask your child about having good Restaurant manners, and ask the following questions.

  • Who is the first person who greets us at the door, with menus?
    • The host or hostess.
  • What is the first thing we do when we sit down at our table?
    • Put a napkin on our lap.
  • If a utensil falls on the ground, what should we do?
    • Politely tell the server, and let him or her bring a new one.
  • What is the extra money called that we leave for a server?
    • A tip.
  • What do we do if someone we know (or our parents know) comes by our table to say hello?
    • We introduce them to everyone at the table, and stop eating until they leave.

Ask your child about being a Balanced and Polite Eater, and ask the following questions:

  • Name some healthy foods that you like to eat.
  • What is a balanced meal?
    • When you have all healthy foods, and only one treat, such as a soft drink, or a dessert.
  • What would be a good substitute for French fries?
    • Fruit.
  • What would be a good substitute for a soft drink?
    • Water.
  • Is it okay to act like a picky eater when you are a guest at someone’s house?
  • No. Take at least two bites of everything you are served, and if you do not like eating it, try to look like you are eating and enjoying your meal.