Elise McVeigh

Head Teacher and Curriculum Creator

Elise McVeigh started Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners classes for children in 2003. She started as a speaker in 2001, and one of her topics includes etiquette. During one of her speeches, a member of the audience suggested she create manner’s classes for children. As the Mrs. McVeigh’s program has grown, so has the curriculum and her staff. Mrs. McVeigh is proud to have taught thousands of children her fun and simple method of learning and remembering good manners. She has created original workbooks, story books, check-off charts, helpful placemats, and has created numerous manner’s games.


Ceslyn Mathis

Manners Teacher

Ceslyn Mathis taught in the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD for 22 years as a second grade classroom teacher. When her long-time friend Elise McVeigh came to her with her idea of developing a Manners Program for children, she was in agreement that this was something that children needed. She has taught for or assisted McVeigh as a Manners Teacher since 2007. She enjoys teaching children the importance of manners in a fun, and meaningful way. She feels that giving children the opportunity to learn about manners and how to use them, will build the confidence they need to grow into successful adults. Mathis feels honored to be included in the chance to share good manners with children all across the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Prof Maynard

Professor Weldon Maynard

Temporary Teaching Assistant

Professor Maynard (pronounced Mannered) is Mrs. McVeigh’s “Temporary” Teaching Assistant. Professor Maynard is a science professor at a local Dallas university. When his science lab exploded, the university suggested he take some time off, while they fix it. Professor Maynard’s niece Kimmie was Mrs. McVeigh’s Teaching Assistant, and when Kimmie got sick, Professor Maynard was happy to fill in. Since then Kimmie is off at college, and Professor Maynard has continued to “help” with the Mrs. McVeigh’s classes. Since as of this date, his lab is not yet fixed, and Mrs. McVeigh is starting to think that it never will be fixed.


Billy the Bird

Jounior Teaching Assistant

Billy the Bird comes to the Mrs. McVeigh’s program as an inexperienced teacher, but a very fast learner. Mr. Bird came with Professor Maynard to help him with his first class, and Mrs. McVeigh has been happy to have him continue with the program. Mr. Bird has become a very important presence in class, and is always there to assist Professor Maynard when he needs help when he is “assisting” Mrs. McVeigh.


Griffin McVeigh

Jounior Teaching Assistant

Griffin McVeigh is the oldest son of Mrs. McVeigh. At age 17, he brings 17 years of experience to the job, since his mother has taught him manners since he was born. Mr. McVeigh works well with young children, and has been known to hold young one’s during class, who are needing some extra attention. Mr. McVeigh has his mother’s sense of humor, and unfortunately her not-so-high tolerance level of Professor Maynard’s mishaps as an assistant.


Grant McVeigh

Jounior Teaching Assistant

Grant McVeigh is the middle child of Mrs. McVeigh, and has been teaching classes with her for several years. Mr. McVeigh can often be found during the lunch hour “entertaining” the campers with his stories that exaggerate his true age and life facts just a bit. This “child prodigy” is also good with helping students during class time, with any assistance that they need. He prefers to partner with Billy the Bird when he gets the opportunity.


Reagan McVeigh

Jounior Teaching Assistant

Reagan McVeigh is the youngest, but most experienced teaching assistant of all of the McVeigh brothers. Older students relate well to Mr. McVeigh since he is close to their age, and they appreciate his authority. Mr. McVeigh specializes in helping small groups with workbooks and role-play. Mr. McVeigh’s real claim to fame is as the narrator in the Meeting, Eating, and Greeting series of children’s books.


Ashton "Ash" the Dog

Cute and Cuddly Assistant

Ash the Dog is a great help in class, for all of those children who need a furry face to help them learn their good manners. She is typically available to be held, cuddled, and played with on all breaks. She and Daxx the Dog seem to be the most popular assistants in the class.


Daxx the Dog

Cute and Cuddly Assistant

Daxx the Dog knows how to be a good assistant, even as a puppy. He is able to walk on his hind legs, and is currently being trained to shake hands. Often children get more joy practicing their meeting and greeting with Mr. Dog, then one another.